Snowcrash is a web3 studio

Snowcrash empowers leading artists, publishers, and brands to build community, value, and ownership with NFTs in the web3 ecosystem.

We provide all the elements needed to design, launch, and scale digital assets and virtual experiences. This includes a digital creative studio, a curated exchange platform, licensing and IP management, and web3 engineering capabilities.

Snowcrash Team

Jesse Dylan

Co-Founder of Snowcrash

Founder and CEO of Wondros

A prolific director and storyteller for various brands such as Gucci, The Guggenheim, Taschen, Sony Music, Vogue, the Open Society Foundations, National Institutes of Health, Harvard Medical School, the Council of Foreign Relations, IBM, MIT Media Lab, Milken Institute, One, Sundance, The Getty, TED, and more.

Walter De Brouwer

Co-Founder of Snowcrash

Ph.D. adjunct professor at Stanford University and Chief Scientific Officer of Sharecare Inc.

He was an early investor in Bitcoin, Civic, Tokensoft, and Havvn (now Synthetix), the derivatives liquidity protocol. His interests are financial engineering, decentralized finance, and non-fungible tokens.

Jeff Rosen

Co-Founder of Snowcrash

President of the Bob Dylan Music Company for 30+ years.

In the past he was involved in music publishing, within the film/television, fine arts, and lithography industries.

Three-time Grammy Award winner and has worked on movies, documentaries, and television shows.

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