Our mission is to bring inspiration, innovation and ownership to artists around the world. Snowcrash is building web3 software and the services to empower leading artists, publishers, and brands community, value, and ownership.

Snowcrash has entered into several high-profile partnerships with premium brands including Sony Music and The Universal Music Group. In the next several months Snowcrash together with Sony Music and The Universal Music Group will be releasing unique NFTs of Bob Dylan's, and Miles Davis' iconic works.

“Snowcrash was established on 2017”
Goals and Targets

Our innovative creative studio empowers leading artists, publishers, and brands to curate an accessible, frictionless, and fast experience for buyers, sellers, and creators of NFTs.

We bring web3 ideas to life with a lower environmental footprint by taking a novel approach for each project that empowers and unlocks the untapped creative and economic potential of NFTs.

Our focus is on technology, marketing, content creation, and financial and security advantages. We provide all the elements needed to design, launch, and scale digital assets and virtual experiences.

SamDirector of the Board
MarinaSmart Contracts
AminProduct Design
BrandonProduct Marketing
ThomasProduct Manager
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