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Birds of Sōlis is a collaboration between acclaimed illustrator, Varvara Alay, and Snowcrash.  This collection celebrates the beauty and magic of some of the world’s most beloved birds, as Varvara reimagines the historical illustrations of Audubon's Birds of America.The drop will focus on 20 Birds morphed into hundreds of new species using surreal hand-crafted elements – across 20 animations and 2,002 generated still image NFTs. 15% of primary sales and 10% of secondary sales will be donated to non-profit organizations that support preserving the environment.


Varvara Alay is an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator who brings to life the elaborate paracosms of her dreams. Her distinctive style is defined by surrealist motifs, bold colors and abstract shapes.Varvara has been fascinated by birds throughout her career and calls them her muses. Birds feature prominently in her artwork – from her pieces on Foundation and SuperRare to her popular Flower Girls collection.

Giving Back

Published in 1827, John J. Audubon’s engravings are regarded as one of the first comprehensive studies of North American birds. Much of the labor that made this effort possible was carried out by Black and indigenous peoples.In order to support contemporary conservation efforts, and to recognize the Indigenous and Black contributions to Birds of America, 15% of primary and 10% of secondary sales will benefit the non-profit organization Nia Tero.


Flight Path

Our migration pattern follows some of the key Sōlar events on our journey to release all Birds of Sōlis into the wild.


20 Birds of Sōlis – lurking across 2,002 still image NFTs (including 2 ultra-rare ones…) – will launch on the Snowcrashplatform soon. Allow List members will have a 24-hour window to mint their Birds ahead of the general public.


Shortly after launch, we will begin the non-profit donations. Next, 20 animated NFTs will be released – one animation for each of the 20 Birds – with all holders of the 2,002 still images entered into a raffle to mint them.

Sōlar Noon

When both the still images and the animations are sold out, all holders will be entered into weekly raffles to receive a 1/1 animated version of their favorite Bird of Sōlis NFT. One NFT will be animated each week for 20 weeks.


Once all Birds of Sōlis have been released into the wild, 20 holders with the highest number of unique Birds in their wallets will receive custom 1/1 stills and animations featuring all their Birds in a unique setting.