The Collection

Maxim's first solo NFT Lepidopterror collection features 888 still images of four different butterflies, some being rarer than others. There are 50 Royal Butterflies, 50 Warrior Butterflies, and 50 Worker Butterflies. The remaining 738 butterflies are Citizens. They all belong to the eldest family of butterflies, the Lepidopterrors, and have their role to play in defending the magical Golden Pollen from the Clown Wasps.

Where to Buy

This collection was released through on July 27 and sold out. Click here to view the collection.


The Lepidopterror NFT collection lives at the intersection of fine art and popular culture. 

Maxim, the artist and creator behind the collection, has had considerable success as a fine artist, working in both sculpture and painting. Additionally, he is part of the well-known hard edge dance music band The Prodigy and a globally-recognized musician. 

Lepidopterror is his first solo venture into NFTs and relates directly to his fine art butterfly paintings, which he started creating in 2009. His artwork is inspired by a childhood memory of an advertisement that showed a young girl running through a cornfield, waving a net as she tried to catch an elegant butterfly. 

He thought to himself “What would it be like if I armed that butterfly?” The butterfly is seen as a frail and gentle creature. He wanted to give it power and the strength to defend itself. This is how the Lepidopterrors were born. 

Maxim's art is always based in a surreal world, and taking these butterflies into the metaverse and creating NFTs is a natural progression for this collection.

The Artist

MM (Double M) is a contemporary British artist known for his outstanding paintings, sculptures, and art prints. MM often uses a mixture of sinister and beautiful images, for example, his “Lepidopterror” collection mixed beautiful butterflies with skulls and deadly weapons. A member of the hard-hitting British band The Prodigy, known for his fierce lyrics and vibrant sense of style, in both their videos and their explosive live shows. 

Maxim has been with the band since its inception in 1990 and has toured all seven of their studio albums extensively around the world, picking up numerous awards along the way including MTV and NME accolades for recognition of their unique style and innovative music, as well as their chart success with countless hits. 

Maxim has more recently become known for his creativity as an artist under the pseudonym of MM. Over several years he has displayed his mixed media artworks in various exhibitions across the world. His artistic images have also been used on fine bone china crockery embellished with 24ct gold. 

MM’s creative process tends to evolve naturally, without too much forward planning. MM prefers to use the board as a base, as he enjoys being able to mutilate it and create chaos within the work. 

He is self-taught, and has been known to use many different random objects in his works, spray paints, bullets, blades, and pills to name a few. He also uses acrylic and ceramic paints, and anything he can get his hands on that will add to the texture of his work. 

The paintings are a journey into Maxim’s mind and have a surreal edge that takes you somewhere deep into his imagination. Certain pieces show rebellion, and the rise of the underdog and the weak. The butterflies all display a side of strength regardless of the situation. 

All of MM’s paintings contain signs of strength and positivity while putting a “spin on things” and seeing them from different angles. Often his works are finished with resin. 

He feels this gives a certain beauty and preciseness to the images, keeping them locked and untouchable behind the resin. 

Since 2012 MM has supported various charities and donated artwork to raise money for research into Breast Cancer, BT ArtBox for ChildLine, and Chain of Hope (cardiac care for children around the world).